Tomorrow’s lesson

The title of tomorrow’s lesson is “Lessons from the Maypole.”  The subtitle might be “The Golden Rule.”  It’s interesting how those to concepts got hooked together in the “daily word.” 
The elements of a maypole would be the earth, the pole, the brightly colored ribbons, the flowers, the dancers, and the rebirthing time of year.  The Golden Rule can be found in almost every major religious tradition and directs us, teaches us, commands us to be aware of each other – of all things – as though they were us – honoring each individual as unique and of worth.  In dancing the maypole during the first days of spring, do we find a joyful, active, colorful way to represent that interaction, that connecting weave, that glorious sense of oneness, the powerful connection between earth and sky, the ability to hold unity and duality in the same space?  Maybe.  Let’s meditate on that and see what emerges tomorrow!

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