Lessons from the Maypole

Just as some instruction before actually dancing the maypole help us to create a beautiful pattern and a powerful experience.  When we actually dance the maypole, we discover key lessons that will move us through life with grace and ease.  Here are some of the lessons that the maypole dance has taught me – applying them to the broader experience that is my life is the fun part!!!!!

Lessons from the Maypole

* In order todance, I must have at my center, Source – God – Universe – Spirit (the pole) that connects my heaven and my earth* Only if all thoughts and ideas (ribbons) are connected to that Source can there be a maypole dance

* A individual cannot effectively dance the maypole alone* There are many patterns that can be created in the dance and we get to pick ours

* Diversity makes a more beautiful weave* Music and laughter always make the dance more fun! 

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