What color is your God?

  In mid-March of this year, I attended the Field Licensing Intensive at Unity Village – a week of exploration and learning, bonding with classmates and making new connections.  One of the workshops presented by Rev. E. J. Niles was entitled Exploration into our Consciousness of God.  Using the concepts of Spiral Dynamics as her base, Rev. Niles illustrated and discussed the evolution of our understanding and awareness of “God” from the Instinctive-level God of the early Stone Age to the Integrative-level God that has begun to enter our awareness today.At each level of consciousness evolution, how we view and speak about God has shifted, changed, expanded, morphed.  To me today, it seems that we as a species are holding an amazing array of ‘views of God’ – more views at one time than at any other time in our past.  We find elements of your Egocentric Red God – Power god – warrior – concerned only with “his” own people – guiltless.   We have your Mythic Blue God – separate and apart from humans – ethnocentric – a god of law – patriarchal; then we have your Scientific Orange God – universal – humanist – giant within waiting to be empowered – requiring no dogma – embracing materialism and pragmatism; and then there’s your Sensitive Green God – both masculine and feminine – relativistic – god of the downtrodden – honors multiple mystical paths – against war unless for righteous cause; finally, we have your Integrative Yellow God – universal – god of systems, integration and paradox – manifests “godself” through evolutionary process – fosters the ‘magnificence of existence’ – god of all religions and peoples.  Whew!!!!  Are we sure that the statement—we’re all praying to the same God—is true?   And yet, when I talk with Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists and scientists about what God is, somewhere in their answer they each talk about  a knowing—an experience of something greater—that is able to transcend culture and language.   In her book, Lessons in Truth, Unity author Emilie Cady writes “…God is Spirit, or the creative energy that is the cause of all visible things.”   Rev. Niles ended her presentation with this statement from Robert Kegan: “God is the name we give to the ceaseless, restless, creative flow of energy in the universe.”Could it be that all the discord and confusion in our world today flows from our desire to normalize our understanding of that knowing, that experience?  If that is so, it would seem to me that our primary task as fellow travelers on this amazing planet is to find in our own God—whatever color that God may be— this creative, causative, ever-present energy, without adornments of culture and language and to allow that energy to flow. 

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