A Quote from Charles

“All power has its birth in the silence.  There is no exception to this rule in all the evidence of life.  Noise is the dying vibration of a spent force.  All the clatter of visibility, from the harangue of the politician to the thunder’s roar, is but evidence of exhausted power.”
Charles Fillmore

During the month of September, the first of four Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence – the Season for Interfaith Celebration – will begin.  On September 11th, there will be several Remembrance Services in the area.  On September 13th, we will join Unity communities worldwide in observing the Unity World Day of Prayer, this year’s theme being World Peace.  On September 21st, the Frederick Forum for the Seasons for Nonviolence will host the International Day of Peace program at the Baker Park Band shell beginning at 5:30 pm. 

All of these wonderful activities will bring people together from a wide variety of faith traditions and walks of life – each one holding his or her dream of peace.  In these gatherings we have a opportunity to channel the power of peace to our community and to the world – if only we don’t dissipate that power with soundbites and hot air.   Sometimes it is more powerful to stand together in silence than to attempt to persuade with speech – to be open to the energy and consciousness of love and compassion as it moves through us and from us – to keep our hands clasped as we move through the issues.  AND so, while I agree with Charles that ‘noise is a dying vibration of power,’ I also believe that words combined with feeling are what we use to bring forth from the silence the world in which we desire to live.   So maybe more space between more considered words is what is called for now!  May it be so!

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