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One Power

February 7, 2008

YouTube – One Power Video

Thoughts on the Budget

February 5, 2008

As I watched the news yesterday and listened to the President and commentators talk about the newly proposed $3+ trillion budget, I was amazed and saddened at the same time!  First, I can’t get my head around ‘trillion’ other than it’s a very big number!!!!!  Hence the first amazement.  Secondly, as I heard of the proposed 8% increase in defense spending  (and this doesn’t include paying for the war in Iraq) and a freeze/cut in domestic spending, I had my second amazement moment!  And then I found myself sad.  My thoughts flew to “are we really so afraid of the world” and “do we really value life so little” and “doesn’t this administration understand”.  As I sat with these thoughts and feelings, I found myself saying a prayer – “Oh God, this can’t be real – Oh God, what do we do?”  I slowly began to be conscious, really conscious, of those thoughts and where I was going with them – to my own place of fear and yes anger!  As I became more aware, I took a deep breath and opened to the reframing and rephrasing of my prayer – “Oh God, only Love is real.  Oh God, I am open to what is mine to do.”  This shift in energy – thoughts, words, feelings – brought me to a place of greater peace, if not greater understanding.  Since then, I have given more thought to the feelings and thoughts behind that intial reaction and I must admit that I am concerned that, at each budget cycle, the idea of reducing defense spending in order to provide the necessary funding for positive domestic programs is never discussed.  And I want to make it clear that when I speak of defense cuts, I am not talking about “not supporting the troops.”  I’m talking about reductions in research into new weapons that make war less messy; I’m talking about reducing cronyism and waste in the defense contracting business; I’m talking about less support, or at least of efficient support, of the military-industrial complex.   Speaking primarily from an intuitive position with only a neophyte’s research, I believe that if we were to refocus from weapons research and wasteful spending, we could provide better health care and benefits to those who are now serving in our armed forces.  We could support those men and women returning to lives that have been turned upside down.  We would be able to focus creatively on re-tooling our industrial base to fit markets and jobs needed to move us into a greener, more connected world.
My deepest desire is that we as individuals and as a nation bring into our consciousness the awareness that every life is precious, that every individual has infinite value, and that what we spend our money on is, in fact, what we hold most dear.   I do believe that as individuals and as a nation we hold life sacred; that when we can conquer our fear, we make choices that support life and peace, not destruction and war.  I believe that our voice – that my voice – is important in sending that message to the individuals we have elected to govern for us (note:  I didn’t say govern us, rather govern for us!). 

Regardless of which party’s nominee wins, it is vitally important that we, the people, let him or her know that we expect governance based on prinicples of love and compassion, not on fear and destruction, and that this governance starts with a serious look at how we are spending our money! 

PS – perhaps the lawmakers could spending a little less time worrying about steriod use in baseball and a little more time on creatively working on bringing quality education to all or what new markets/jobs are being called for in this new century!!!