How do those bloggers do it?

One of the things I’ve discovered about myself is that I’m not particularly disciplined when it comes to putting my thoughts on paper or in 0’s and 1’s.  It’s fascinating to me that I often ponder the issues of the day or the wonders of the world around me and yet I seem averse to putting these same thoughts down for others to share.  I’m not clear whether I’m just lazy or whether I don’t believe that others really care what I think on such things.  AND I do think it’s time for me to work on that discipline and find time each day to record some of those thoughts – if for no other reason that to help me get clear!!  SOOO – I am making a promise to myself that I will type up something everyday beginning today.  I would love to hear back from folks who might read it.

More later today!!!

One Response to “How do those bloggers do it?”

  1. Steve Poole Says:

    Habits take continuos action for about 30 days to become part of our routine. Most of us fail many many times before the habit sticks. Habits can be broken in less than a week. Instead of trying once a day, start with once a month, then after that becomes a habit try once a week and so on. Try “the kaisen way”, take small steps and build up over time.
    Steve Poole

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