Day 22 Saturday The Fourth Dimension/Perspective

22nd Day   Saturday

(Note from Rev. Toni:   Remember that Charles Fillmore was writing this in the early 1900’s;  take a deep breath as you read this entry.  Open up to the metaphysical meaning of these ideas.  Also note that the 2017 edition uses the concept of Perspective.)

The Fourth Dimension

From Keep A True Lent by Charles Fillmore

Read John 21:1-17.

The fourth dimension is that which embraces and encompasses the other three; it is realization, the doing away with time and space and all conditions. It is the process in which forms lose their apartness and become one under divine law.  The human mind, with its limited reasoning faculties, is bound by time, space, and conditions. By itself it can get no further into the spiritual realm than reason will take it; but when we invoke the aid of the Christ in us we go beyond reason into the realm of pure realization; then we have attained the consciousness of pure be-ing, the fourth dimension of the being.  The one way to enter the realm of the fourth dimension, or of realization, is through scientific prayer, commonly named “the silence.” First, I take with me the word Jehovah and go within and hold it steadily in mind, until the word illumines the whole inner consciousness. I am now functioning in the fourth dimension, and the way is open for concentrating on the prayer I have in mind for the special demonstration.  I fix my attention powerfully on the consummation of an idea until the idea has nucleated a certain amount of thought substance, and I am assured that it will be followed by that silent power of thought which, working throughout my whole being, is bringing forth the thing desired.  When my thoughts radiate with the speed of spiritual light, they blend with creative Mind (called by Jesus “heaven”), and that which I ask for is done.  I affirm: “The illuminating power of Truth awakens and quickens my consciousness, and I discern clearly.”


From Be Ye Transformed  Lent 2017


By Rev. Evelyn Foreman

I always have the choice to change my perspective.

Anytime we attend a sporting event, concert, play, or show, our perspective depends on where we sit.  When visiting SeaWorld, for example, seating makes an enormous difference. Some people choose to sit in the front row and be fully engaged in the experience. Those in the first few rows often walk away drenched by an amazing encounter with a whale. Others prefer to sit farther back, watching from a distance, consciously avoiding any splash.  In SeaWorld, as in life, where you choose to sit—how you choose to see and experience life—makes all the difference.  If you are feeling like an outsider, you can choose to take a frontrow seat. If you are overly engaged, maybe it’s time to step back. If you feel stagnant and need some perspective, find a different vantage point, and choose again.


To download the booklet, Be Ye Transformed Lent 2017, published by Unity World Headquarters, click here.

To download the book, Keep A True Lent, by Charles Fillmore, click here.

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