Day 24 Tuesday Healing/Spiritual Healing

(Note from Rev. Toni:   Remember that Charles Fillmore was writing this in the early 1900’s;  take a deep breath as you read this entry.  Open up to the metaphysical meaning of these ideas.  Also note that the 2017 edition uses the concept of Spiritual Healing.)


From Keep A True Lent by Charles Fillmore

Read Matthew 9:14-38.

Health, real health, is from within and does not have to be manufactured in the without. It is the normal condition of man, a condition true to the reality of his being.  The first step in all spiritual healing is the using of faith, and the next step is to become open and receptive to the stream of healing life. Spiritual healing restores to perpetual health because it erases the error thought and cleanses the mind. Through the exercise of faith and our word, our spiritual quality is fused into unity with the power of Christ, and the healing is marvelously accomplished.  It is said that the early Christians, before going forth to do their mighty works, commanded the new life in Christ to come forth and to imbue their consciousness with its healing potency to such an extent that it would flow through them and heal all those to whom they ministered.  They discovered that when they repeated over and over the most powerful prayer Jesus ever uttered, the Lord’s Prayer, the hidden Christ within each one of them was called into action. They further discovered that the fifteenth time they realized the prayer the waters of tribulation as well as all manner of diseases began to subside, and that their realization lifted the consciousness of those who were asking their help. All tribulation and disease dropped away.  Experience proves the power of words to bring health. In healing myself, I talk to my body, repeating necessary denials and affirmations. This raises my consciousness to spiritual reality where all healing power originates.  I faithfully affirm: “Through Jesus Christ, God’s vitalizing energy floods my whole being, and I am healed.”



From Be Ye Transformed    Lent 2017

Spiritual Healing

By Rev. Toni Stephens Coleman

Through deep faith and receptivity, I am healed to my natural state of wholeness.

Healing means curing, growing sound, getting well, and mending.  Health is the state of being whole in mind, body, and spirit. Charles Fillmore said the first step to spiritual healing is to believe health is possible through absolute faith. The second step is to be open and receptive to the healing stream of life through mental cleansing, releasing error thought, and claiming the Truth. The Truth is that health is our natural state.  Being healthy is a state of wholeness. Thus, a person who is disabled may also be whole and completely healthy in mind, body, and spirit. A person facing death can be spiritually healthy and whole. When a person is at one with Divine Mind and lives in the consciousness of God, that person demonstrates health.  Spiritual health requires balance between activity and introspection.  Healing tools are prayer, meditation, study, reflection, and supportive activity. Spiritual healing manifests as we open to our natural state of health.
To download the booklet, Be Ye Transformed Lent 2017, published by Unity World Headquarters, click here.

To download the book, Keep A True Lent, by Charles Fillmore, click here.

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