35th Day Monday The New Race/Transcendence

35th Day     Monday

(Note from Rev. Toni:   Remember that Charles Fillmore was writing this in the early 1900’s;  take a deep breath as you read this entry.  Open up to the metaphysical meaning of these ideas.  Also note that the 2017 edition uses the concept of transcendence.)

The New Race

From Keep A True Lent by Charles Fillmore

Read Revelation 21:1-7; 22: 1-7.

“These things shall be! a loftier race
Than e’er the world hath known shall rise
With flame of freedom in their souls,
And light of knowledge in their eyes.
* * *
“Nation with nation, land with land,
Unarmed shall live as comrades free:
In every heart and brain shall throb
The pulse of one fraternity.”

The time is ripe for the advent of a new race, the advent of the spiritualized man.  This will be brought about, not by a miracle or the fiat of God, but by the gradual refinement of the man of the flesh into the man of Spirit.  The true overcomer is qualifying himself to become a member of this superrace.  It is well for such a one to cultivate the childlike spirit and let go of all tense striving, even for spiritual things. In the realization of protecting, providing love, all the strain of fear and anxiety will be removed and life in abundance will then find easy entrance into the consciousness, bringing strength and health and eternal youth and life.  Spiritual harmony in man depends largely on the right relation of the inner and the outer realms of his consciousness. Expression is the law of life. Whatever is expressed becomes manifest. I realize that as an overcomer, I am working also for the whole world, establishing a new race consciousness, “new heavens and a new earth.”  I affirm: “The redeeming law of God is awakening with me, and I am a new man in Christ Jesus.”

From Be Ye Transformed    Lent 2017


By Rev. Kelly Isola
When I am fully human, I express my divinity as love, compassion, kindness, and joy.

The root of the word transcend means “to climb beyond.” We often try to transcend our human experience, thinking if we can move beyond our humanity, we will be able to experience the Divine.  The irony is that it is only through our humanity that we can deeply express our divinity in the world. This is the message of Easter.  We experience various kinds of death every day, literally and figuratively.  We travel through our inner darkness, using prayer to “climb beyond” the clouds of our struggles, not necessarily to make the discomfort go away, but rather to practice our faith and learn to rise again. In these moments we trust once again that the Divine is everywhere present. Through those around us who are supporting us in climbing beyond, we are touched once again by ever-present love, compassion, kindness, joy … all made manifest through the human experience.


To download the booklet, Be Ye Transformed Lent 2017, published by Unity World Headquarters, click here.

To download the book, Keep A True Lent, by Charles Fillmore, click here.

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