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Day 34 – Saturday Transmutation

April 8, 2017

34th Day     Saturday

(Note from Rev. Toni:   Remember that Charles Fillmore was writing this in the early 1900’s;  take a deep breath as you read this entry.  Open up to the metaphysical meaning of these ideas.  Also note that the 2017 edition uses the same concept.)


From Keep A True Lent by Charles Fillmore

Read John 2:1-11.

Transmutation–“The conversion of one element into another.”–Webster.

In consciousness transmutation is a changing in action and character to conform to spiritual standards. It is well said that the mind is the crucible in which the ideal is transmuted into the real.  Jesus said that all power was given to Him in heaven and in earth. He manifested His power in a small way by multiplying a few loaves and fishes to feed more than five thousand persons. In various other instances He demonstrated that He had an understanding of the transmutation of substance. He raised His flesh body to an energy level far higher in potential life and substance than any reached before. We see that not only the mind but also the body is affected in the process of developing out of the natural into the spiritual.  The leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod (Mark 8:15) represents limited thoughts. When we attempt to confine the divine law to the customary avenues of expression and scoff at anything beyond, we are letting the leaven of the Pharisees work in us. When the mind is raised up through affirmation to God’somnipresent substance and life, we are not only fed, but there is a surplus. This is the teaching of Jesus, and it has always been exemplified by His faithful followers.  I realize that through the law of transmutation every error thought in my consciousness is transmuted into its spiritual correspondence.  I affirm: “Spirit in me is transmuting my body into pure spiritual substance, and my soul rejoices.”
From Be Ye Transformed    Lent 2017


By Rev. Gwen Ethelbah

God’s eternal love and wisdom transmute my entire being into an expression of pure Spirit.

Transmutation is different from transformation and transcendence.  It changes us into true expressions of Spirit. This was the change taking place in Jesus throughout his life as he recognized with increasing depth the Truth of his being. It culminated with his transition into pure being—the Christ.  God lives and expresses within us—and loves us as we are.  Through the process of deep listening, we, too, take ourselves as we are—not just our best qualities—and transmute them to bring about significant and permanent changes involving our entire being. God’s love and wisdom work endlessly with us to transmute our earthly, time-bound qualities into a pure expression of Spirit.



To download the booklet, Be Ye Transformed Lent 2017, published by Unity World Headquarters, click here.

To download the book, Keep A True Lent, by Charles Fillmore, click here.

Lessons from the Maypole

May 8, 2007

Just as some instruction before actually dancing the maypole help us to create a beautiful pattern and a powerful experience.  When we actually dance the maypole, we discover key lessons that will move us through life with grace and ease.  Here are some of the lessons that the maypole dance has taught me – applying them to the broader experience that is my life is the fun part!!!!!

Lessons from the Maypole

* In order todance, I must have at my center, Source – God – Universe – Spirit (the pole) that connects my heaven and my earth* Only if all thoughts and ideas (ribbons) are connected to that Source can there be a maypole dance

* A individual cannot effectively dance the maypole alone* There are many patterns that can be created in the dance and we get to pick ours

* Diversity makes a more beautiful weave* Music and laughter always make the dance more fun! 

Tomorrow’s lesson

May 5, 2007

The title of tomorrow’s lesson is “Lessons from the Maypole.”  The subtitle might be “The Golden Rule.”  It’s interesting how those to concepts got hooked together in the “daily word.” 
The elements of a maypole would be the earth, the pole, the brightly colored ribbons, the flowers, the dancers, and the rebirthing time of year.  The Golden Rule can be found in almost every major religious tradition and directs us, teaches us, commands us to be aware of each other – of all things – as though they were us – honoring each individual as unique and of worth.  In dancing the maypole during the first days of spring, do we find a joyful, active, colorful way to represent that interaction, that connecting weave, that glorious sense of oneness, the powerful connection between earth and sky, the ability to hold unity and duality in the same space?  Maybe.  Let’s meditate on that and see what emerges tomorrow!