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In my backyard

February 23, 2017

This morning the fog hung just at the top of the trees in the backyard ~ the first sound I heard was the call of geese flying unseen overhead ~ someone once told me that the call of the goose was the call of an ancestor ~ the calls this morning seemed sad to me ~ I’m not sure if it was because they were disembodied and disconnected from from my immediate surroundings or because I wasn’t myself grounded in the day yet ~ the second sound I heard was the church bell ringing the hour ~ I have come to look forward to that sound as I walk in the yard ~ did our ancestors find the ringing of the bells on the hour grounding  or did the bells just become one more sound that got lost in the day ~

In my backyard

February 20, 2017

flickered in and out of being this morning.  I almost missed it as I sat staring into space.  A quick gust of wind and a sliver of light caught my eye, seemingly suspended in air just below a magnolia branch.  And then it was gone.  I did a quick close and open of eyes ~ nope not there.  I tilted my head to the right ~ then to the left ~ nope. Then another of short burst of wind ~ there is was again.  I could now see that it was connected to the branch at the top, but it was not evident where it was anchored at the bottom.  So I sat still and observed that single strand of liquid light ~ it popped in and out of my world view as the winds moved through my backyard.  Just when I thought it had been blown away, there it was again ~ maybe that’s what God is ~